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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rinkotology Almost Ready

Pre-registration will be open in the next few days.
Stay tuned.



  1. woo! any details on how its being done this year? is it gonna be more like the olympics rinko or last years playoff rinko?

  2. Definitely looking forward to it.

  3. More like the Olympic Rinko in terms of the rules and scoring system.
    A few more scoring categories will be added and a few new twists.
    Look for more details and the complete set of rules and scoring cats in the next day or two.

  4. Will you allow people from Quebec to register this time ?

  5. *Rinkotology Fantasy hockey is open to: Registered Users; legal residents of one (1) of the fifty (50) United States, Washington DC and Canada (excluding Quebec) (for purposes of clarity, Puerto Rico is expressly excluded); PLEASE NOTE: Notwithstanding the foregoing: (i) eligible legal residents of Canada (excluding Quebec), Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, and Vermont may play but are not eligible to win any prizes