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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Rinko Rumble IS ON!

Head over to the Rinko Rumble page at thePensblog and sign up before it's too late!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clear Your Cache

If you are having problems logging in to see your rinko team, clear your cache.
Once you clear your cache, then close your browser, and you should be able to open it up.

Let us know if that works.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Feature Released: Player Stats

Another great feature has been released for Rinkotology by Anteepa.

This feature lets you click on any players name to see what stats they have accumulated.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Search Feature Added


We will also be supplying daily reports of the biggest point-getters and whatnot.
The dust has settled from registration and implementation of features.
Now we can get into some great data analysis.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rinko Mixed Bag: PP Chances, Success & Refs?

So your fantasy hockey team is just a question of just taking a look at it everyday now.  That is how most fantasy playoff pools are constructed.  You pick your guys and just hope enough advance far into the playoffs to make your investment worthwhile.  If it is just a free league, then it really is just for pride.  Either way, the officiating has to drive people at least somewhat mad in this first round of the playoffs moreso than in recent history.  I have heard it from all sides and honestly it does have a fantasy impact.

There is the positive if you are a person who has a few Kings players.  They are 7 for 12 on the PP in the playoffs and then contrast that with the 5 for 23 from New Jersey or the same from Philadelphia.  Talk about just plain bizarre.  Contrast that with the 27 PP chances combined in the Colorado-San Jose series and yes there was 11 in Game 2 but most of that series the refs have let the players play.  Often those are the best series to watch and the easiest to gauge for solid fantasy opportunities.

The series where you do not know when the penalties are coming and for what are the most difficult.  Even the Pens-Sens series only has 35 combined power play chances but the PK's have been god awful on both sides so if you have guys like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, you are cleaning up in your playoff pool.  Even Detroit players are a good bet as Detroit and Phoenix have combined for 34 PP chances (8.5 per contest).

So is is time to do a quick breakdown of PP chances and % amongst series.  Sure why not.  Does anyone have a calculator handy because I do not?
Series PP Chances PP Success
PHI-NJ 46 21.7%
PIT-OTT 35 31.4%
BOS-BUF* 18 5.6%
MTL-WSH* 26 11.5%
SJ-COL 27 18.5%
CHI-NSH* 24 8.3%
VAN-LA 23 39.1%
DET-PHX 34 23.5%

So clearly the two most series that feature the most inept PP's are the Chicago-Nashville series and the Boston-Buffalo series.  The first one is surprising.  Even Montreal and Washington is a bit perplexing given the firepower that both teams do have on the man advantage.  The points you thought you were getting from these guys are not necessarily coming but like I said if you have Malkin and Crosby in your pools, you are still likely okay.  Translating this through each pool has some pretty universal results.

For example in Rinko leagues and what we will spotlight a bit today, the chances are actually hurting play in some series.  Take Philly and New Jersey where the flow has been completely sucked out of it.  There were 16 total PP chances last night.  Players and coaches on both sides have complained that no one knows how to play because they do not really know what is going to be a penalty and what is not.  It is extremely confusing to many owners of fantasy teams as well this year.

However it helps you in a series like Vancouver and LA where the officiating has been consistent but the PK's have been consistently bad, especially for Vancouver.  Who knew the loss of Willie Mitchell and some shaky goaltending from Roberto Luongo would have this much of an impact?  Throw out the outrage from that disallowed goal in Game 3, the bottom line is if you have some players from LA, you are cleaning up on Rinko points.  Drew Doughty had a goal and 2 assists on the PP alone in Game 3 for LA.  Clearly Los Angeles has an advantage they are exploiting but LA's PK has been a little suspect as well.  They just have not been scored on nearly as much.

Even Detroit has not been victimized like they were in Game 1 when they gave up 3 goals on the PK.  What these numbers show you is simple.  When the players are allowed to play, the 5 on 5 guys thrive.  When it becomes a specialty game, then guys like Doughty and Crosby can shine.  Sometimes they do not however and this is why it becomes such a crapshoot as far as Rinko points.  There are guys to look for when the PP chances go up and hopefully when you made your choices...Ovechkin, Crosby, and Malkin were high on your list but if you tossed in a Doughty, Smyth, Knuble, or even a Jeff may just unexpectedly get rewarded in your Rinko league (at least in the first 2 rounds).  As the officials start to let them play more and it will happen as the playoffs progress, look at your 5 on 5 guys to lead your Rinko teams.  Good luck everyone.


Standings are still being given final touches, but they are up.

When logged in, your division will be highlighted:

Click this at the top of the page for league leaders:

Click these to cycle through divisions or for overall league leaders:

And finally, the coolest thing:

If a friend tells you what division and place they're in, you can find them.
Click "Follow" to have them permanently on your Watchlist.

Or click the "-" beside a name to see a dropdown of their team.
Great for not having to follow the world to see what other teams around you look like.
Awesome feature.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The People Demand IT!

It has been brought to our attention that the masses are demanding standings and we understand that very much.  So in all fairness, it is time to list the tops first.


Conference , User         , Points , Conf. Standings , Overall Standings
          1 , Mikearney25  ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          2 , rns012       ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          3 , Sweetcheesus ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          3 , thePiece     ,  255.5 ,               2 ,                 4
          3 , ladyjaye     ,  254.7 ,               3 ,                 5
          2 , 44FreeCandy  ,  254.5 ,               2 ,                 6
          2 , wtodds       ,  254.1 ,               3 ,                 7
          3 , Teacherboy4  ,  253.2 ,               4 ,                 8
          2 , wank2689     ,  252.4 ,               4 ,                 9
          3 , nac125       ,  251.8 ,               5 ,                10
          2 , emailmike94  ,  251.7 ,               5 ,                11
          3 , minimulisha  ,  251.2 ,               6 ,                12
          1 , pinerider    ,  248.8 ,               2 ,                13
          1 , jls8301      ,  248.5 ,               3 ,                14
          3 , irishpants   ,    248 ,               7 ,                15
          3 , brownldr     ,  247.8 ,               8 ,                16
          1 , jonupton     ,  247.2 ,               4 ,                17
          1 , edm000       ,  246.6 ,               5 ,                18
          1 , GodardofWar  ,  245.7 ,               6 ,                19
          3 , ssb1017      ,  245.7 ,               9 ,                19

Conference 1 Standings

Conference , User         , Points , Conf. Standings , Overall Standings
          1 , Mikearney25  ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          1 , pinerider    ,  248.8 ,               2 ,                13
          1 , jls8301      ,  248.5 ,               3 ,                14
          1 , jonupton     ,  247.2 ,               4 ,                17
          1 , edm000       ,  246.6 ,               5 ,                18
          1 , GodardofWar  ,  245.7 ,               6 ,                19
          1 , jort8474     ,  244.8 ,               7 ,                24
          1 , kschelling   ,  244.2 ,               8 ,                25
          1 , psampmail    ,  244.2 ,               8 ,                25
          1 , dingo66      ,  241.7 ,              10 ,                34
          1 , DUchemist    ,  240.8 ,              11 ,                36
          1 , PensRepeat   ,  240.2 ,              12 ,                37
          1 , CityofChamps ,  238.9 ,              13 ,                43
          1 , penguiner87  ,  238.8 ,              14 ,                44
          1 , prayformojo  ,    238 ,              15 ,                47

Conference 2 Standings

Conference , User         , Points , Conf. Standings , Overall Standings
          2 , rns012       ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          2 , 44FreeCandy  ,  254.5 ,               2 ,                 6
          2 , wtodds       ,  254.1 ,               3 ,                 7
          2 , wank2689     ,  252.4 ,               4 ,                 9
          2 , emailmike94  ,  251.7 ,               5 ,                11
          2 , Knapps       ,  245.5 ,               6 ,                21
          2 , mmenear      ,  245.3 ,               7 ,                22
          2 , darthbeesly  ,    245 ,               8 ,                23
          2 , jimpaekrules ,  242.5 ,               9 ,                30
          2 , sj_tuck      ,  241.3 ,              10 ,                35
          2 , mashbaugh67  ,  240.1 ,              11 ,                38
          2 , clbryan66    ,  239.5 ,              12 ,                41
          2 , Ruski_Rocket ,  239.5 ,              12 ,                41
          2 , Davie282282  ,  238.4 ,              14 ,                45
          2 , PlatypusPens ,    238 ,              15 ,                47

Conference 3 Standings

Conference , User         , Points , Conf. Standings , Overall Standings
          3 , Sweetcheesus ,  256.7 ,               1 ,                 1
          3 , thePiece     ,  255.5 ,               2 ,                 4
          3 , ladyjaye     ,  254.7 ,               3 ,                 5
          3 , Teacherboy4  ,  253.2 ,               4 ,                 8
          3 , nac125       ,  251.8 ,               5 ,                10
          3 , minimulisha  ,  251.2 ,               6 ,                12
          3 , irishpants   ,    248 ,               7 ,                15
          3 , brownldr     ,  247.8 ,               8 ,                16
          3 , ssb1017      ,  245.7 ,               9 ,                19
          3 , Romainiac66  ,  244.2 ,              10 ,                25
          3 , Cooney6687   ,  243.9 ,              11 ,                28
          3 , steve784     ,  243.4 ,              12 ,                29
          3 , koonrag      ,  242.5 ,              13 ,                30
          3 , Kingdave134  ,  242.2 ,              14 ,                32
          3 , bbqhappyfish ,    242 ,              15 ,                33

The leader board / watchlist will be available soon and the delay is due to the redesign we have to do to adopt multi-conferences.  The Rinko staff apologizes for any inconveniences and we promise to have this all done in a very timely manner so you can not only see how everyone is doing but so you can have the ability to accurately gloat about your team or lament about its poor early showing.

Again just keep an eye out for it and more new articles will be coming soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Metzer's Rink-O All Star's - 04/15/10

Day two of the National Hockey League’s post-season tournament is in the books and we it was another great one.

The biggest story of the evening was the Montreal Canadiens upset of the Washington Capitals and even more surprising than the upset was the fact that the Habs held Alex Ovechkin without a shot on goal in the game. The great Hal Gill was largely responsible for that feat and finished the evening with 9 blocked shots… (Almost one full Rink-o point If you are calculating at home).

We saw Tukka Rask come dangerously close to winning the first playoff start of his career, but in the end the Sabres bested the B’s 2-1.

Lastly, the Vancouver Canucks led by your Art Ross winner, Henrik Sedin, needed overtime to knock off the upstart Los Angeles Kings. The Kings got a great performance out of their goaltender Jonathan Quick, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Swedish Olympic Team Canucks from getting the winner in overtime.

Speaking of overtime, you love it if you are in the Rinkotology pool, because most likely there is a 6 point goal on the table…unless it is scored by a guy who would only be on his mother’s Rink-o team…but that is for later in the blog…

With that all out of the way, let’s get to the selections for Tax Day 2010.
Remember the All-Stars will be comprised of three forwards, two defensemen and one goaltender. We will also be selecting three unsung heroes and three boobs…

The All Stars for 04/15/2010

F- Mikael Samuelsson

Samuelsson, who was once traded by the Penguins for the right to select Marc Andre Fleury first overall back in 2003, has turned into a very productive player over the years. He spent several seasons as a contributing member of the Detroit Red Wings before becoming a cap casualty. He hooked on with the Vancouver Canucks and immediately found a spot alongside the Sedin twins and they have been making some sweet Swedish music ever since! Samuelsson was the performer of the night by posting an impressive 11.6 Rink-o-tology points! The Swede notched 2 goals, (1PP), (1 OTGW), 7 shots on goal, 3 hits, and 1 blocked shot.

F – Tomas Plekanec

Plekanec is in a contract year. He is also in a war of words with the Washington Capitals…specifically goaltender Jose Threeorfour Theodore. You might think that insulting the reigning President Trophy winners might not be the best thing to do before meeting them in a 1-8 match-up in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, well Plekanec wasn’t skeeerd and he backed up his words with a great night that included the overtime game winner. His final line: 1G, (1OTGW), +1, 5 shots on goal, 1 hit for a cool 7.1 Rink-o points.

F – Henrik Sedin

Sedin picked up where he left off in the regular season and was all over the place last night. The Art Ross Trophy winner created multiple scoring chances for his teammates and could have had more than the two assists he got, if not for the play of Jonathan Quick. Sedin single-handedly made the overtime play that set up Mikael Samuelsson’s game winning goal and finished the night with: 2 assists, (1OTA),+2, 4 SOG for a total of 6.4 Rink-o points.

D – Craig Rivet

The Sabres Rivet is not known for his offense. In fact, his goal last night was only the fourth playoff tally of his fifteen year NHL career. But getting a goal from a guy like Rivet is what it takes to get it done in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He finished the evening with 1 goal, (1GWG), 1 shot on goal, 2 hits, and 2 blocked shots for 6 rink-o points.

D – Joe Corvo

Though you can usually hear the crowd shouting “OH, CORVO!” after some defensive gaffe, you can also hear them cheering him when he produces as he did last night. You see, Corvo isn’t the best defenseman in the league, but he has a knack for the offense, which is what made him attractive in Washington… Last night Corvo picked up 1 goal, 1 shot on goal, and 1 blocked shot, which gave him 3.2 Rink-o points on the night!

G – Jaroslav Halak

There were several tenders under consideration for this honor today, but in the end I had to give a Jacques Martin-esque nod to Jaroslav Halak. Halak didn’t single-handedly win the game for his team last night, but he contributed greatly to their success. He finished the evening with 39 saves, 6 OT saves, 2 goals against, and most importantly the win! His Rink-o total came in at 8.9.

Unsung Heroes – these guys wouldn’t be on any team but their mother’s, but they are making mom happy!

F – Fredrik Modin

Personally, I often forget that Freddy Modin is even still an active player. That pretty much comes from the fact that he is almost always injured and when he isn’t, he is doing nothing for his team. It pains me to say that, but he can’t hide the fact that health and production waved bye, bye long ago… until last night that is! I could almost hear “The Boss” singing Glory Days, as Modin scored a pretty power play goal the reminded me of his personal glory days with the Maple Leafs! (Have the Leafs or Modin had any recent glory days?) Modin finished with 1 goal, (1PPG), 3 shots on goal and a blocked shot which gave him 4.4 Rink-o points on the night!

D – Craig Rivet

I think that I said it above, but the mere fact that he has four career playoff goals in a fifteen year NHL career pretty much sums up why he is on this list. Rivet’s goal, not unlike Craig Adams’ the other night, was cause for many onlookers to check the horizon for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, as it almost has to be one of the signs of Armageddon! It all forced John Cusak to begin readying his family for an escape from the Mayan prophesies… only to realize it was just the Rivet goal… Rivet finished the evening with 1 goal, (1GWG), 1 shot on goal, 2 hits, and 2 blocked shots for 6 rink-o points.

D – Jaroslav Spacek

I remember joining in with the rest of the league in mocking the fact that the Canadiens signed Spacek to fortify their blue-line. I just didn’t see it being a great fit…others didn’t either, but hey… What do we know? Apparently Bob Gainey did know a little sump’in, sump’in, as Spacek had a pretty decent night in his first playoff game with the Canadiens. Jaro notched 1 assist, (1 OTA), +1, 1 shot on goal, and 3 blocked shots for 3.9 Rink-o points.

The Three Boobs – these guys are probably key contributors to your Rink-O teams, maybe even captains, and they pulled an “el foldo.”

F – Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin, who hasn’t looked like himself since the Olympic break, came out and laid a goose egg for his owners last night. Sure, he was on the ice… and skating around… and attempting to shoot, but there is no record of it. Hal Gill and company saw to the fact that he could have been just as productive had he not suited up. Does that mean that he is going to continue hurting your Rink-o entry? Probably not, but it does mean that he gets the honor of being one of today’s three boobs! Forget the line; Ovechkin’s Rink-o total was a hearty .3. An even heartier .9 if he is your captain!

F – Ryan Smyth

When Ryan Smyth was traded to the Los Angeles Kings this summer, everyone thought it would be a great feel good story of “old guy” helping “young kids” get to the next level. Expectations weren’t all that high… that is until he and Anze Kopitar began looking like “The Three Amigos!” Yep…they were producing enough as a duo that they qualify for “TTA” badge on 4square. The bottom fell out a bit when Smyth was injured earlier in the year, but when it was apparent that he would be healthy heading into the playoffs, some might have selected the elder statesman for their squads… right now those folks are coming for you, Smyth… all compliments of your -.1. Really? A negative total… hard to do brother…

F – Milan Lucic

That’s right… Milan Lucic, who is one of the most overrated players in the league if you ask me, is today’s third boob! Yes he has great size, yes he will fight until the cows come home, and yes he does have some skill, however, I really doubt that he is going to be the next Cam Neely as some have predicted. He is to injury prone, doesn’t finish enough and has not looked like the guy who had such an impressive rookie year a few seasons back. With that indictment out of the way, I present the numbers that earned him the dubious distinction of being one of the boobs… ZERO Rink-o points. At least he didn’t go negative…


Rinko Turkeys

Good morning and greetings from the land of pollen, err New Jersey.  Rinko Turkeys will take the ugliness of nights by players and magnify them by 100x.  We are sorry if we offend anyone or their Rinko teams but this is just a way of spotlighting some of the guys that may have dropped your team like a lead weight.

Now we will be doing this more frequently during the week with a usual special Monday or Tuesday edition that spotlights the weekend.  There is one glaring candidate this morning and a few less obvious ones.  First it is time to welcome the turkeys!

Flying nuts abound!!!!

Rinko Turkeys Issue 1

Alexander Ovechkin (LW) -- Washington Capitals

We all know just about everyone has the x3 multiplier on him.  Well last night you hit a whammy of sorts with no shots on goal and no points.  Basically Ovechkin was a great pile of nothing last night with only three hits and little if anything else. When you get down to it...this is Alexander The Great and when you do not see at least some scoring, you worry.  About the only good thing was the fact that he was Even on the night but less than a point from Ovechkin in your Rinko league?  Ouch babe!  So Captain Ovechkin was a very rare super dud last night.

The Green Men -- Vancouver Canucks

This may not have necessary Rinko value but these guys are turkeys in the truest sense. They taunt the poor opponent in the penalty box and most times the opponent does not even look over.  But they did get Justin Williams of the Kings off his game after a third period penalty.  You could clearly see him not quite as present on the ice after that penalty.  Maybe those "green turkeys" around the penalty box really had something to do with it.  Vancouver eventually went on to win in overtime and some say it was because of these crazy "green turkeys".

Roberto Luongo -- Vancouver Canucks

This is going to sound crazy but hear me out.  He was not the better goalie and if not for a few breaks, the Kings take Game 1.  He did make 25 saves and give up 2 GA only.  But your best penalty killer is your netminder and if two goals go in on three chances, then that means something is a bit off.  I know it was Game 1 and maybe there was some rust but I can see why at least a few pundits think that maybe Jonathan Quick (Kings goaltender) may be the better guy between the pipes in this series.  Now for those scoring at home, Luongo did get you 7.1 points which is good quite honestly but the turkey is still lurking and maybe it comes in Game 2.  Stay tuned.  *** Also remember that Luongo is not a captain in Rinko.

Come Tuesday we will have more turkeys to choose from.  We will take a look at some by game and some overall.  It gives a unique comparison and a fun baseline to see which Rinko players are pulling their weight.

Site Updates

The developers at Anteepa are brilliant people.
The realtime updates are done manually, and they've made it so literally anyone with half a brain can update the statistics.

Considering that all of us at the Rinko Blog are usually around our computers on game nights, these stat updates are gonna be on the ball.

Expect stat updates periodically during games.
And take that statement literally: It will be done between the periods.

Divisional layouts and "follow" and "search" features are being finely tuned.
Thank you for your patience.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Metzer's Rink-O All Star's - 04/14/10

Good day Rinkotology maniacs! Brian Metzer here... I am finally making my official debut here at the Rink-O blog! Thanks go out to the boys for having me, I am sure we will all have a blast over the next two months no matter which teams advance!

Though I will most likely be covering a wide range of topics during my time here, this particular blog will be the first of a (mostly) daily series – “Metzer’s Rink-O-All-Stars.” It will be a (mostly) daily look at the top performers from the previous night’s games.

I will name a team of all-stars that features 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goaltender. I will also be giving you 3 unsung heroes - who would only be on your Rink-o roster if you were a super fan of the given player, and 3 boobs – players who were probably picked to be big contributors and just didn’t get it done.

So without further adieu, let’s get to the first installment of Metzer’s Rink-O-All-Stars!

Tonight’s team has a couple surprises on it and a couple not so surprising members…

F – Evgeni Malkin

Though his Penguins lost to the Senators, Malkin had a great night for his team and for his Rink-O owners. Geno Machino posted 3 points (2G-1A), 4 shots on goal, and two power play goals. The evening earned him a whopping 10.4 Rink-o-tology points and more if you had him assigned as one of your captains.

F – Chris Kelly

Kelly was praised for his work against the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby last night, but he made some great offensive contributions in the Senators’ victory. Kelly posted 3 points (1G-2A), a plus +2, 3 shots on goal, a power play goal and a blocked shot. His contributions on the ice would have gotten your Rink-O team 8.4 points.

F – Mike Richards

We all know that Richards oozes leadership and that was on display on Wednesday evening as he led his team past the Atlantic Division Champions. Not only did Richards play his usual strong defensive game, but he contributed offensively. Richards picked up 2 points (1G-1A), 2 shots on goal, the game winning goal and 1 hit. His night would have provided 7.3 points for your Rink-O squad.

D – Derek Morris and Keith Yandle

I am putting both of these Phoenix blue liners on the All-Star squad for the evening.

Morris was traded back to the Phoenix Coyotes during this season’s trade deadline and he has looked like the player he was back during his first stint in the desert. Morris has provided veteran leadership to a the youngsters on the Phoenix blue line and has contributed in many ways… his contributions last night led his ‘yotes to a huge win over the Red Wings. Morris posted 3 points (1G-2A), 3 shots on goal, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot, a power play goal and a game winning goal.

Yandle built upon the great regular season that he posted this year and joined Derek Morris as one of the three stars of last night’s game. Yandle picked up 2 points (1G-1A), 3 shots on goal and a power play goal to post 6.3 Rink-O points for your squad.

G – Ilya Bryzgalov

If I had a vote for this year’s Vezina Trophy, it would be going to Bryz…and my first vote for Metz Rink-O All-Star goaltender goes to the same man. Bryzgalov might be benefiting from the fact that Dave Tippett has implemented his disciplined defensive style of play, but he has still had to make a ton of saves. Last night Bryz picked up the win, made 38 saves and didn’t break under the immense pressure that the Wings put on him last night. If Bryz was your starter, he got you 5.8 points last night.

Unsung Heroes – these guys wouldn’t be on any team but their mother’s, but they are making mom happy!

F – Chris Neil

Neil is known more for his jackassery than his offensive contributions, but last night he looked like a Rocket Richard contender in floating down the wing and picking the short side corner on Marc Andre Fleury last night. Neil was a very effective player last night and contributed on both sides of the puck. He finished the evening with 2 points (1G-1A), +2, 2 shots on goal, and 5 hits. His mom got 6.7 points for her Rink-O squad.

D – Erik Karlsson

First of all, there is a chance that Karlsson might have made his way onto a couple of your teams. However, he isn’t an obvious pick from the Senators roster, which is why he is on this list. Karlsson had a great night, especially when you consider how young he is. He looked like a seasoned pro in collecting a second period rebound, going backhand to forehand before firing the puck past a quick moving Marc Andre Fleury. Had anyone taken a chance on an “unknown” kid, a la Travis in the movie Clueless, they would have gotten a great skateboarding boyfriend and 5.3 Rink-O points.

G – Brian Boucher

I am wondering if Boucher also has a 2015 Sports Almanac on him, because he is clearly capable of some McFly like time travel. Boucher hit the ice last night and looked a lot like the guy who took the Philadelphia Flyers on a magical run back in 1999-00. That kind of play is going to be needed if the Flyers are to knock off the Devils in their best of seven series. Boucher posted a victory and 23 saves for his Great Aunt Tess’s squad and got her 4.8 Rink-O points…

The Three Boobs – these guys are probably key contributors to your Rink-O teams, maybe even captains, and they pulled an “el foldo.”

F – Daniel Alfredsson

I convinced myself that Alfie would be a man possessed in these playoffs. I mean, he is no spring chicken and these Stanley Cup opportunities aren’t going to be there forever. Unfortunately for my prognostication skills and Alfie’s Rink-O owners, he picked up a lowly secondary assist and 1 hit. The hit could have come as he accidentally fell out of bed and rolled through a couple Penguins, because I didn’t see it. His Rink-O total was a lowly 2.1.

F – Matt Duchene

Ok, so maybe I am being a bit hard on the kid, but he has been a key contributor to the ‘Lanche all season long. He very well could have made his way onto your roster and left you wanting far more in the aftermath. This Calder candidate posted 1 assist, -1, 1 hit and 1 blocked shot for a grand total of 1.7.

G – Marc Andre Fleury

I am sure that many of you took Fleury hoping that he would be the guy to carry you to Rink-O oblivion, only to watch him surrender 5 goals and play one of his more lackluster playoff games over the last three years. I get it…he isn’t solely to blame for last night’s game, however tell that to the Rink-O owners who are scanning town for a supped up Lamborghini! Though he will redeem himself, last night’s 5.10 gaa, and underwhelming .808 save percentage get him the dubious distinction of third boob. He finished the evening with a hearty - .4 points on the night!


The dust is settling from the registration process, and details on everyone's respective divisions will be rising from the dust very, very soon.

Rinkotology developers stunned the world by unveiling real-time scoring.
Very pleasant surprise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "DO NOT" List

There is just about officially 24 hours left to join the Rinkotology pool.  So why haven't you done so yet?  Now we are not going to tell you how to construct your team.  This is just a mere friendly suggestion or 26.  Here are some of the things you should absolutely not do.  Keep in mind some of these are to lighten the mood.  Yes I acknowledge that this is a contest where you could make some pretty good coin for your investment but at the same time, it is not worth it to go cuckoo for cocoa puffs over.

Again, here are some of our suggestions.

Do not pick enforcers like P3L or Chris Neil.

Do not forget the multipliers for Captains and Alternates

Do not ignore our injury list on the blog page.

Do not pick the goalie with the checkered past.

Do not accidentally lock your roster and forgetfully choose the wrong player(s).

Do not second guess your picks.

Do not look at what your friends are doing.

Do not misplace your credit card or debit card to pay the $10 for 1 team or up to 3 for $24.

Do not make a video where you trash talk all the rest of the Rinkos.

Do not drink heavily while creating your team.

Do not pick all players from 1 or 2 teams please!!!

Do not trash talk without backing at least some of it up.

Do not have dreams of world domination while creating your team.

Do not conjure up spirits like Harry Potter.

Lastly do not make a movie like this for a preview....... 

Actually its not that bad at all....

On behalf of the bloggers from Rinkotology, we wish you the best of luck.  We will keep you updated with the latest, spot some trends, throw some cool numbers at you, and most importantly make this experience a fun and maybe profitable one for you, the player.

Team Injury and Goalie Situations

Team Injuries

(Injury sources include The Hockey News, Rotoworld, AP wire)


Orpik, Cooke, Kunitz.. should all suit up for Game One

It’s the playoffs, who would want to miss a game?!


Alexei Kovalev-W (knee - Out for the season) Bad for the Sens.. good for everyone else..

Filip Kuba-D (back - Late April) underwent surgery.. out until further notice, could be back sometime in Late April/Early May at the earliest


Drew Stafford-W (concussion - Day-to-Day) Probable for Game One of the playoffs. Game time decision

Jochen Hecht-C (upper body - Day-to-day) might play in Game One on Thursday.. Game time decision

Tim Connolly-C (foot - Day-to-Day) Hopeful to be playing in Game One on Thursday.. but the guy can’t stay healthy for more than a period of hockey it seems.. your call on that one


Dennis Seidenberg-D (wrist - Early June) Out eight weeks after surgery on wrist

Mark Stuart-D (hand - Mid April) will likely miss the first two games of the post-season

Andrew Ference-D (groin - Day-to-Day) probable for Game One on Thursday.

Marc Savard-C (concussion – Indefinitely) unable to even start working out.. OUT for season

New Jersey

None of any significance


All of their goalies are on the IR..

Other than that.. whatev


Nicklas Backstrom-C (undisclosed/possible illness) “questionable but probable” according to Boudreau. Backstrom didn’t skate in the morning practice on Tuesday as he was injured at some point during Sunday’s game against the Bruins.


Glen Metropolit-C (shoulder - Out for season) Steer clear kids..

Paul Mara-D (upper body - Day-to-day) hasn't played since January 22nd.. No dice..


None of any significance


None of any significance


None of any major concern for Rinko

Unless you were planning on running the gambit with Willie Mitchell as your stud on the blue line.. in which case, you should be on the golf course with Olli Jokinen.

Los Angeles

None of any significance


Brian Campbell-D (fractured clavicle and rib – Indefinitely) light skating.. could return in early May


Patric Hornqvist-C (upper body - Day-to-Day) Should be good to go for game one of Friday

San Jose

None of any significance


Matt Duchene-C (middle body - Day-to-Day) skated in practice on Monday with no setbacks and should be ready for game action come Wednesday night.

Peter Mueller-C (concussion - Indefinitely) Suffered a concussion on April 4th.. off-ice workouts.. Doubtful for Wednesday’s playoff opener.

David Jones-W (knee - Day-to-day) Knee surgery in late November.. Currently skating but will not dress come Wednesday.

Goalie Situations

(All goalies that are listed as ‘starters’ were either named the starter, or we assume that they will be the starting goalie when game one rolls around.)

Buffalo Sabres

Ryan Miller

2009-10 season: 41-18-8, 5 SO, 2.22 GAA, .929 SV%

Playoff Experience: 20-14-0, 1 SO, 2.22 GAA, .922 SV%

(Backup: Patrick Lalime)

New Jersey Devils

Martin Brodeur

2009-10 season: 45-25-6, 9 SO, 2.24 GAA, .916 SV%

Playoff Experience: 98-78-0, 23 SO, 1.98 GAA, .920 SV%

(Backup: Yann Danis)

Phoenix Coyotes

Ilya Bryzgalov

2009-10 season: 42-20-6, 8 SO, 2.29 GAA, .920 SV%

Playoff Experience: 9-5-0, 3 SO, 2.25 GAA, 9.22 SV%

(Backup: Jason LaBarbera)

Vancouver Canucks

Roberto Luongo

2009-10 season: 40-22-4, 4 SO, 2.57 GAA, .913 SV%

Playoff Experience: 11-11-0, 1 SO, 2.09 GAA, .930 SV%

(Backup: Andrea Raycroft)

San Jose Sharks

Evgeni Nabokov

2009-10 season: 44-16-10, 3 SO 2.43 GAA, .922 SV%

Playoff Experience: 32-31-0, 6 SO, 2.23 GAA, .915 SV%

(Backup: Thomas Greiss)

Pittsburgh Penguins

Marc-Andre Fleury

2009-10 season: 37-21-6, 1 SO, 2.65 GAA, .905 SV%

Playoff Experience: 31-18-0, 3 SO, 2.45 GAA, .908 SV%

(Backup: Brent Johnson)

Colorado Avalance

Craig Anderson

2009-10 season: 38-25-7, 2.64 GAA, .917 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Peter Budaj)

Washington Captials

Jose Theodore

2009-10 season: 30-7-7, 1 SO, 2.81 GAA, .911 SV%

Playoff Experience: 19-27-0, 1 SO, 2.79 GAA, .912 SV%

(Backup: Semyon Varlamov)

Detroit Red Wings

Jimmy Howard

2009-10 season: 37-15-10.3 SO, 2.26 GAA, .924 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Chris Osgood)

Boston Bruins

Tuukka Rask

2009-10 season: 22-12-5, 5 SO, 1.97 GAA, .931 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Tim Thomas)

Nashville Predators

Pekka Rinne

2009-10 season: 32-16-5. 7 SO, 2.53 GAA, .911 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Dan Ellis)

Montreal Canadiens

Jaroslav Halak

2009-10 season: 26-13-5, 5 SO, 2.40 GAA, .924 SV%

Playoff Experience: 0-1-0, 0 SO, 1.85 GAA, .906 SV%

(Backup: Carey Price)

Chicago Blackhawks

Anti Niemi

2009-10 season: 26-7-4, 7 SO, 2.25 GAA, .912 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Cristobal Huet)

Los Angeles King

Jonathan Quick

2009-10 season: 39-34-7, 4 SO, 2.54 GAA, .907 SV%

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Erik Ersberg)

Ottawa Senators

Brian Elliott

2009-10 season: 29-18-4, 5 SO, 2.57 GAA, .909 SV %

Playoff Experience: None

(Backup: Pascal Leclaire)

Philadelphia Flyer

Brian Boucher

2009-10 season: 9-18-3, 1 SO, 2.76 GAA, .899 SV%

Playoff Experience: 11-8-0, 1 SO, 2.06 GAA, .916 SV%

(Backup: Caron/Backlund)

Now.. It may pay off to take a backup in a few different scenarios if you feel confident that the ‘starter’ will collapse and give way to the ‘backup’.

Take Fitz for example:

The kid’s got chutzpah… what else can we say, but that scenario could play out and end up bringing home some cash money...

24 hours left to get your rinkotology rosters set...


Individual Player Points Per Game Comparison

First off, a HUGE thanks goes out to Adam J. for compiling stats for each player on each team in the playoffs and putting into neatly organized spreadsheets. He made our job a heck of a lot easier and we were able to make these fancy graphs for you guys to use as cheat sheets when trying to decide on your roster for Rinko.
(Who doesn't like to look at a picture instead of reading?!)

Basically, Adam took each playoff team's top 15-18 players, their total points from the regular season (using Rinkotology scoring, but not including the GWG, series clinching goal, cup winning goal, hat trick and game 7 goal bonuses for forwards and d-men) and came up with their Rinko points per game average which you can see below in the charts.

The totals may not be EXACTLY correct as some errors may have been present given the crazy amount of stats that come into play for this version of Rinko. But this should give everyone a better idea as to how each player stacks up in the Rinkotology world.



NOW.. Don't let this information be your SOLE factor for when you finalize your roster, certain players tend to show up more in the playoffs than over the entire regular season.
Take a Gary Roberts type of player for example, he may not lead the league in many stat categories during the regular season, BUT... put him into a key role on an NHL playoff team, and he'll give you a couple HUGE goals.. some shots.. hits.. and maybe a GWG.. Now THAT can make for an interesting dark horse for your Rinko squad.
And then give that guy the "C" or make him your alternate captain.. and he may just carry you to the promised land where you'll be makin' it rain while wearing the championship belt...


(Look for a new post sometime late Tuesday, touching upon each teams' goalie situation as well as injuries that could play a factor this post season)