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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Metzer's Rink-O All Star's - 04/14/10

Good day Rinkotology maniacs! Brian Metzer here... I am finally making my official debut here at the Rink-O blog! Thanks go out to the boys for having me, I am sure we will all have a blast over the next two months no matter which teams advance!

Though I will most likely be covering a wide range of topics during my time here, this particular blog will be the first of a (mostly) daily series – “Metzer’s Rink-O-All-Stars.” It will be a (mostly) daily look at the top performers from the previous night’s games.

I will name a team of all-stars that features 3 forwards, 2 defensemen, and 1 goaltender. I will also be giving you 3 unsung heroes - who would only be on your Rink-o roster if you were a super fan of the given player, and 3 boobs – players who were probably picked to be big contributors and just didn’t get it done.

So without further adieu, let’s get to the first installment of Metzer’s Rink-O-All-Stars!

Tonight’s team has a couple surprises on it and a couple not so surprising members…

F – Evgeni Malkin

Though his Penguins lost to the Senators, Malkin had a great night for his team and for his Rink-O owners. Geno Machino posted 3 points (2G-1A), 4 shots on goal, and two power play goals. The evening earned him a whopping 10.4 Rink-o-tology points and more if you had him assigned as one of your captains.

F – Chris Kelly

Kelly was praised for his work against the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby last night, but he made some great offensive contributions in the Senators’ victory. Kelly posted 3 points (1G-2A), a plus +2, 3 shots on goal, a power play goal and a blocked shot. His contributions on the ice would have gotten your Rink-O team 8.4 points.

F – Mike Richards

We all know that Richards oozes leadership and that was on display on Wednesday evening as he led his team past the Atlantic Division Champions. Not only did Richards play his usual strong defensive game, but he contributed offensively. Richards picked up 2 points (1G-1A), 2 shots on goal, the game winning goal and 1 hit. His night would have provided 7.3 points for your Rink-O squad.

D – Derek Morris and Keith Yandle

I am putting both of these Phoenix blue liners on the All-Star squad for the evening.

Morris was traded back to the Phoenix Coyotes during this season’s trade deadline and he has looked like the player he was back during his first stint in the desert. Morris has provided veteran leadership to a the youngsters on the Phoenix blue line and has contributed in many ways… his contributions last night led his ‘yotes to a huge win over the Red Wings. Morris posted 3 points (1G-2A), 3 shots on goal, 1 hit, 1 blocked shot, a power play goal and a game winning goal.

Yandle built upon the great regular season that he posted this year and joined Derek Morris as one of the three stars of last night’s game. Yandle picked up 2 points (1G-1A), 3 shots on goal and a power play goal to post 6.3 Rink-O points for your squad.

G – Ilya Bryzgalov

If I had a vote for this year’s Vezina Trophy, it would be going to Bryz…and my first vote for Metz Rink-O All-Star goaltender goes to the same man. Bryzgalov might be benefiting from the fact that Dave Tippett has implemented his disciplined defensive style of play, but he has still had to make a ton of saves. Last night Bryz picked up the win, made 38 saves and didn’t break under the immense pressure that the Wings put on him last night. If Bryz was your starter, he got you 5.8 points last night.

Unsung Heroes – these guys wouldn’t be on any team but their mother’s, but they are making mom happy!

F – Chris Neil

Neil is known more for his jackassery than his offensive contributions, but last night he looked like a Rocket Richard contender in floating down the wing and picking the short side corner on Marc Andre Fleury last night. Neil was a very effective player last night and contributed on both sides of the puck. He finished the evening with 2 points (1G-1A), +2, 2 shots on goal, and 5 hits. His mom got 6.7 points for her Rink-O squad.

D – Erik Karlsson

First of all, there is a chance that Karlsson might have made his way onto a couple of your teams. However, he isn’t an obvious pick from the Senators roster, which is why he is on this list. Karlsson had a great night, especially when you consider how young he is. He looked like a seasoned pro in collecting a second period rebound, going backhand to forehand before firing the puck past a quick moving Marc Andre Fleury. Had anyone taken a chance on an “unknown” kid, a la Travis in the movie Clueless, they would have gotten a great skateboarding boyfriend and 5.3 Rink-O points.

G – Brian Boucher

I am wondering if Boucher also has a 2015 Sports Almanac on him, because he is clearly capable of some McFly like time travel. Boucher hit the ice last night and looked a lot like the guy who took the Philadelphia Flyers on a magical run back in 1999-00. That kind of play is going to be needed if the Flyers are to knock off the Devils in their best of seven series. Boucher posted a victory and 23 saves for his Great Aunt Tess’s squad and got her 4.8 Rink-O points…

The Three Boobs – these guys are probably key contributors to your Rink-O teams, maybe even captains, and they pulled an “el foldo.”

F – Daniel Alfredsson

I convinced myself that Alfie would be a man possessed in these playoffs. I mean, he is no spring chicken and these Stanley Cup opportunities aren’t going to be there forever. Unfortunately for my prognostication skills and Alfie’s Rink-O owners, he picked up a lowly secondary assist and 1 hit. The hit could have come as he accidentally fell out of bed and rolled through a couple Penguins, because I didn’t see it. His Rink-O total was a lowly 2.1.

F – Matt Duchene

Ok, so maybe I am being a bit hard on the kid, but he has been a key contributor to the ‘Lanche all season long. He very well could have made his way onto your roster and left you wanting far more in the aftermath. This Calder candidate posted 1 assist, -1, 1 hit and 1 blocked shot for a grand total of 1.7.

G – Marc Andre Fleury

I am sure that many of you took Fleury hoping that he would be the guy to carry you to Rink-O oblivion, only to watch him surrender 5 goals and play one of his more lackluster playoff games over the last three years. I get it…he isn’t solely to blame for last night’s game, however tell that to the Rink-O owners who are scanning town for a supped up Lamborghini! Though he will redeem himself, last night’s 5.10 gaa, and underwhelming .808 save percentage get him the dubious distinction of third boob. He finished the evening with a hearty - .4 points on the night!


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