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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Individual Player Points Per Game Comparison

First off, a HUGE thanks goes out to Adam J. for compiling stats for each player on each team in the playoffs and putting into neatly organized spreadsheets. He made our job a heck of a lot easier and we were able to make these fancy graphs for you guys to use as cheat sheets when trying to decide on your roster for Rinko.
(Who doesn't like to look at a picture instead of reading?!)

Basically, Adam took each playoff team's top 15-18 players, their total points from the regular season (using Rinkotology scoring, but not including the GWG, series clinching goal, cup winning goal, hat trick and game 7 goal bonuses for forwards and d-men) and came up with their Rinko points per game average which you can see below in the charts.

The totals may not be EXACTLY correct as some errors may have been present given the crazy amount of stats that come into play for this version of Rinko. But this should give everyone a better idea as to how each player stacks up in the Rinkotology world.



NOW.. Don't let this information be your SOLE factor for when you finalize your roster, certain players tend to show up more in the playoffs than over the entire regular season.
Take a Gary Roberts type of player for example, he may not lead the league in many stat categories during the regular season, BUT... put him into a key role on an NHL playoff team, and he'll give you a couple HUGE goals.. some shots.. hits.. and maybe a GWG.. Now THAT can make for an interesting dark horse for your Rinko squad.
And then give that guy the "C" or make him your alternate captain.. and he may just carry you to the promised land where you'll be makin' it rain while wearing the championship belt...


(Look for a new post sometime late Tuesday, touching upon each teams' goalie situation as well as injuries that could play a factor this post season)

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