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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twitter Contest: 3.17 -- Penguins @ New Jersey

Play to win free entry ($10) into Rinkotology: Quest For The Cup 2010.

You are picking the time and period of the game-winning goal.
Send your guess to @Rinkotology.

@Rinkotology 11:34, 2nd per

-- If the game ends in a shootout, contest will revert to the time of the game-tying goal.
-- If it's 0-0 through regulation and OT, nothing happens.

Winner will be announced EXCLUSIVELY on the @Rinkotology Twitter account.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



If you're actually visiting this blog right now, you have some interest in the Rinkotology game.
We have a job proposal for someone out there.

Abilities Needed:

1. Heavy experience in fantasy-hockey games.
2. Have a little bit of writing/blogging experience. (Can use a keyboard.)
3. Willing to blog about fantasy hockey during playoffs. (2 months.)

e-mail if you are interested.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Details About Rinkotology ver 3.0

For the playoff version, we have tentatively decided some rules:

Player selection (one from each team)

10 forwards
4 defensemen
2 goalies

Stat Categories

1 Captain: x3 points.
2 Alternates: x2 points

-Goals: 3pts
-Assists: 2pts
-Shots on goal: 0.1pts
-Hits: 0.1pts
-Blocked shots: 1pts
+/-: +1 or -1pts

(These points are added to a player's stat categories.
Any application of these bonus points DOES NOT affect normal stat categories.
So an OT goal would be worth 7 points.)

-Powerplay goals: +1
-Shorthanded goals: +2

-OT Assist: +1
-GWG (in regulation): +2
-Series-clinching goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +5
-Stanley Cup winning goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +10
-Hat-trick: +5
-ALL Game Seven goals: +2
For Goalies
-Win: 3pts
-Shutout: 5pts
-Goals against: -0.5pts
-OT SAVES: 0.5pts
-Assist: 3pts
-Goal: 10pts
-penalty shot save: 1pts

We would love feedback on any of these, as nothing is written in stone.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Littered Details

We took to heart all of the feedback we've received.
Thank you very much if you took out the time to send some along.

We will be adding +/-, blocked shots, and individual goals against to the stat categories.
We're also toying with the notion of adding some weight to a defenseman's goals.

We're keeping pretty much the same format as we used for the Olympic Games:
  • One player from each country.
  • 10 Forwards, 4 defenseman, 2 goalies.
  • Captain and Alternate multipliers
  • Adding option to change your Captain and Alternates on a weekly basis.
We know the main draw of the game is not having arduous roster-management every day. We are keeping that aspect but also allowing some wiggle room for roster management.

We plan to have this functioning by April 1st, when we'll seed out the game to some test users who will play the game for the last week of the season so we can find bugs, problems with the game, etc.

That's all for now.
First-place presentation will be occurring this weekend!!!
Look for it on YouTube!

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Winter Games Edition Winners

After what can only be considered a successful first go-around with Rinkotology, 868 people took part in the 2010 Winter Games Edition, all vying for a top-5 finish, with the first-place finisher taking home $500 and the Rinkotology Championship Belt.

Congratulations to user JJMARKEY for taking home the big prize.

Places 2nd through 5th include:
2nd place -- RAPENN
3rd place -- ABIZZLE03
4th place -- MARSHMAN
5th place -- LEGAME58


We will be mailing the prize money out to the winners during the week of March 1st.

The updates on this blog for the remainder of this week include some fun statistical breakdowns of fantasy rosters, the "ultimate" Rinko team that would have garnered you the maximum possible amount of fantasy points, and much more.

Stay posted.
And thank you for your interest.