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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The "DO NOT" List

There is just about officially 24 hours left to join the Rinkotology pool.  So why haven't you done so yet?  Now we are not going to tell you how to construct your team.  This is just a mere friendly suggestion or 26.  Here are some of the things you should absolutely not do.  Keep in mind some of these are to lighten the mood.  Yes I acknowledge that this is a contest where you could make some pretty good coin for your investment but at the same time, it is not worth it to go cuckoo for cocoa puffs over.

Again, here are some of our suggestions.

Do not pick enforcers like P3L or Chris Neil.

Do not forget the multipliers for Captains and Alternates

Do not ignore our injury list on the blog page.

Do not pick the goalie with the checkered past.

Do not accidentally lock your roster and forgetfully choose the wrong player(s).

Do not second guess your picks.

Do not look at what your friends are doing.

Do not misplace your credit card or debit card to pay the $10 for 1 team or up to 3 for $24.

Do not make a video where you trash talk all the rest of the Rinkos.

Do not drink heavily while creating your team.

Do not pick all players from 1 or 2 teams please!!!

Do not trash talk without backing at least some of it up.

Do not have dreams of world domination while creating your team.

Do not conjure up spirits like Harry Potter.

Lastly do not make a movie like this for a preview....... 

Actually its not that bad at all....

On behalf of the bloggers from Rinkotology, we wish you the best of luck.  We will keep you updated with the latest, spot some trends, throw some cool numbers at you, and most importantly make this experience a fun and maybe profitable one for you, the player.

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