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Thursday, April 15, 2010


The dust is settling from the registration process, and details on everyone's respective divisions will be rising from the dust very, very soon.

Rinkotology developers stunned the world by unveiling real-time scoring.
Very pleasant surprise.


  1. So are there 531 total entries? Or 531 per division? Would hate to see pensblog losing money if the former were true.

  2. How do you see other users teams?

  3. Math is our friend 531 x $10 = $5310

    Total Payout = $5200

  4. 2 teams for $18, 3 for $24.

  5. Total payout is $5200 but there are 531 teams in each of the 3 divisions in which case the creators are receiving 531*24=$12,504 at the very least because that is the cheapest way to have 531 teams in each of the 3 divisions. At least $7,304 is not given back in prize money, which is not nec. a profit either since the creators may pay ppl to setup the site and what not. So don't think crazy stuff like they are not getting a decent amount of cash, these guys are smarter than most, I'm talking most in the world- props gentlemen. They know how they are running it works just fine for them, and now with the increased prize money not all that bad for the ppl who enter either.

    HOW DO YOU SEE OTHER USERS TEAMS? Not exactly the question we should be asking but WHY can't we see the other teams? In the Olympic version pretty much right off the bat you could see all other teams that entered,(on the left hand column) who they had and their point totals. This is a must, if they do not provide this info to everyone who entered as is the case now, then all we get is a number out of 531 in each division that we have entered in but not who is beating us or how they are beating us. This does not allow us to see if we even have a chance of winning. If we had this info we could figure the possibility of our teams moving up the rankings based on who we still have playing vs the #1 teams men that are still in the hunt. So the main question to ask is who is on all the other teams and what kind of points are they generating compared to your own teams? They have improved Rinkotology overall(more props) but this crucial feature that was operational in the 1st edition 2010 Winter Olympic Games must become functional ASAP or it will continue to look somewhat suspicious since it does not work at all now but did in the 1st version released from the start.

    Please give everyone an answer or get the watch list up and running TODAY!