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Friday, April 16, 2010

Rinko Turkeys

Good morning and greetings from the land of pollen, err New Jersey.  Rinko Turkeys will take the ugliness of nights by players and magnify them by 100x.  We are sorry if we offend anyone or their Rinko teams but this is just a way of spotlighting some of the guys that may have dropped your team like a lead weight.

Now we will be doing this more frequently during the week with a usual special Monday or Tuesday edition that spotlights the weekend.  There is one glaring candidate this morning and a few less obvious ones.  First it is time to welcome the turkeys!

Flying nuts abound!!!!

Rinko Turkeys Issue 1

Alexander Ovechkin (LW) -- Washington Capitals

We all know just about everyone has the x3 multiplier on him.  Well last night you hit a whammy of sorts with no shots on goal and no points.  Basically Ovechkin was a great pile of nothing last night with only three hits and little if anything else. When you get down to it...this is Alexander The Great and when you do not see at least some scoring, you worry.  About the only good thing was the fact that he was Even on the night but less than a point from Ovechkin in your Rinko league?  Ouch babe!  So Captain Ovechkin was a very rare super dud last night.

The Green Men -- Vancouver Canucks

This may not have necessary Rinko value but these guys are turkeys in the truest sense. They taunt the poor opponent in the penalty box and most times the opponent does not even look over.  But they did get Justin Williams of the Kings off his game after a third period penalty.  You could clearly see him not quite as present on the ice after that penalty.  Maybe those "green turkeys" around the penalty box really had something to do with it.  Vancouver eventually went on to win in overtime and some say it was because of these crazy "green turkeys".

Roberto Luongo -- Vancouver Canucks

This is going to sound crazy but hear me out.  He was not the better goalie and if not for a few breaks, the Kings take Game 1.  He did make 25 saves and give up 2 GA only.  But your best penalty killer is your netminder and if two goals go in on three chances, then that means something is a bit off.  I know it was Game 1 and maybe there was some rust but I can see why at least a few pundits think that maybe Jonathan Quick (Kings goaltender) may be the better guy between the pipes in this series.  Now for those scoring at home, Luongo did get you 7.1 points which is good quite honestly but the turkey is still lurking and maybe it comes in Game 2.  Stay tuned.  *** Also remember that Luongo is not a captain in Rinko.

Come Tuesday we will have more turkeys to choose from.  We will take a look at some by game and some overall.  It gives a unique comparison and a fun baseline to see which Rinko players are pulling their weight.

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