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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Details About Rinkotology ver 3.0

For the playoff version, we have tentatively decided some rules:

Player selection (one from each team)

10 forwards
4 defensemen
2 goalies

Stat Categories

1 Captain: x3 points.
2 Alternates: x2 points

-Goals: 3pts
-Assists: 2pts
-Shots on goal: 0.1pts
-Hits: 0.1pts
-Blocked shots: 1pts
+/-: +1 or -1pts

(These points are added to a player's stat categories.
Any application of these bonus points DOES NOT affect normal stat categories.
So an OT goal would be worth 7 points.)

-Powerplay goals: +1
-Shorthanded goals: +2

-OT Assist: +1
-GWG (in regulation): +2
-Series-clinching goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +5
-Stanley Cup winning goal (GWG in deciding game of series): +10
-Hat-trick: +5
-ALL Game Seven goals: +2
For Goalies
-Win: 3pts
-Shutout: 5pts
-Goals against: -0.5pts
-OT SAVES: 0.5pts
-Assist: 3pts
-Goal: 10pts
-penalty shot save: 1pts

We would love feedback on any of these, as nothing is written in stone.


  1. Lots of good stuff here. IMO, shots blocked and OT saves could get out of control. I don't really think 3 shots blocked = 1 goal. And with unlimited overtime, allowing .5pts for a save could net someone 15 points easy. Also not sure why powerplay goals are worth MORE. Should be the same or less, really.

  2. I like it, but I'd like to see PIMs included in the scoring.

  3. I have never liked 'blocked shots' as a stat category. In my experience in fantasy hockey leagues, it is a very subjective fantasy statistic, same for 'hits'. I would suggest getting rid of blocked shots & replacing it with 'PIM'. At a rate of .1 or .2 fantasy points per minute, you've got a balanced and fun statistic.

    Just my opinion, I'm looking forward to another round of Rinko.

    What happens in the offseason to Rinko? Can we start a Fantasy Local Newscast Rinko? 2 points for every word they mess up; 5 points for an on-air sneeze; 10 points if they are showing the most skin of any other reporter; I'm making Allison Morris my Captain!


  4. +/-: +1 or -1pts

    This seems a bit high too. Being on the ice when someone scores is worth as much as 10 shots? Or being on the ice for two goals is the same as an assist?

    Regarding PIMs, should those be positive or negative points? I have played in leagues that use it either way. Really, taking a penalty hurts your team, so its reasonable for them to be negative. In any case, PIMs and +/- should carry little value relative to scoring.

  5. With all those stats, are you guys really going to be able to update quickly?
    If there are 2 games on the same night, it may be 3 or 4 days before you update players stats(if it is being done manually.)

    This is much better than the "bracket" style from last year.

  6. I agree that the point values for +/- as well as PIMs are much too high

  7. Just question, I know that you guys said that this legally isnt gambleing, so does that mean its leagal for a 16 year old to enter? I want to enter but I'm afraid that I'll (by some mircle) win and then not be able to collect my prize because of something stupid like that.